The Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre

About Us

The Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre was registered as an incorporated association in 1999 and is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations.

We are currently delivering four (4) training and empowerment programs available for community participation at our training centre in Mooroobool, Cairns.

Our success derives from the potential capacity to build a whole new generation of Indigenous motivators and inspirational leaders. As a community capacity building investment, we want to provide further training and personal development opportunities for Indigenous people.

We deliver quality training to equip and empower people for effective and sustainable impact in their personal and family lives as well as within their community and for their peers.


In 1996 Brian Lampton went into the Pitjantjatjara homelands and spent time with the people. While there, Frank Young shared his lineage with Brian. In order to do this Frank took Brian to Mt Lindsay and while standing and looking out over the land, Frank began his story. As Frank pointed to various locations in the land he showed where he and his family would hunt for food, the birth places of different family members and where family would sit and yarn. As he was sharing his story the history of his culture and lifestyle became alive.

An agreement with a mining company was in place and when the first bulldozers came in to level the area, Frank said "Brian, you might as well scrape off my face. When they bulldozed the land I no longer have an identity, I cannot tell my story anymore. When the mineral is taken so too is my value and my worth."

Brian asked "If I could teach and show you new things, would you be willing to learn and is there a word in your language that means willing to learn?" Frank replied "yes" to both questions and Brian was then given the Pitjantjatjara word which means "Willing to Learn" ... NINTIRINGANYI

Nintiringanyi (pronounced: nin-ter-rin-gwar-nee) is a Father to Son concept training. It is where the Elders teach the Young. Knowledge, understanding, wisdom, experience is passed on through culturally and spiritually appropriate training.