Indigenous Regional Sports and Recreation

To encourage and enable wide community involvement and active participation in group sport and physical recreation activities in 13 communities in Cairns and the surrounding region of Far North Queensland by being able to:

  • increase the active participation of able and disabled Indigenous Australians in sport and physical recreation activities
  • encourage community ownership and management of sport and physical recreation activities, including through skills development.
  • encourage drug-free participation
  • raise the levels of health and fitness of Indigenous Australians by providing opportunities and resources for regular, beneficial and enjoyable exercise and competitive sport
  • enable skills development of community members
  • financially support non-elite indigenous athletes and sportspeople

These are designed to build the skills of community members to participate in, organise and promote community sport and physical recreation activities over the long term and promote healthy eating, drug free participation and respect for players, officials and spectators.

Consideration may also be given to providing funding for minor equipment and access to sporting infrastructure where this connects to participation in sport and physical recreation activity.
Funding for multi-regional projects is provided to organisations to deliver sport and physical recreation programs and events that extend across more than one regional, state carnivals and events. We cover the regional areas from Tully to Mossman, the Atherton Tablelands and west to Croydon. Applications are open till 31 May 2014.

Funding assistance is only available to community individuals, teams and organisations who are located between Tully - Mossman, the Tablelands and Croydon.

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