Certificate of Merit
Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award
Indigenous Youth Summit 2013


The need for Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre’s work has become more prevalent over the last few years. With Indigenous Australians recognising their potential through personal growth and community development, visionary leadership and mentorship is required to assist Indigenous Australia to meet and overcome challenges that hinder potential growth.

Nintiringanyi is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in 1999. Nintiringanyi is endorsed as a deductable gift recipient and is staffed by seven full-time, one part-time employees, therefore part of your donations given to Nintiringanyi is tax deductible. It is primarily funded by federal and state funding which enable Indigenous Australians to undertake a variety of empowerment programs.

Your generosity is indicative of the profile and support Nintiringanyi has established and the relevance and value of its role and its programs.